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Pearson's Arms Whitstable
Live Music
Live Music
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Pearson's Arms Loves Live Music

Whitstable is well known for its live music culture and we’re very proud to be a part of it. We have live music twice a week, every Tuesday and Sunday, as well as on the last Friday of every month.

Come along to one of these evenings and you’ll see some of the best in Whitstable and Kentish talent, and enjoy a memorable atmosphere too.

Music Calendar 2017

July 2017
4th July Coco
9th July Gypskazz
11th July Andy Mack
16th July The Starks Brothers
18th July Big orange head
23rd July Stox
25th July Fiddlefit
30th July Tundra
August 2017
1st august coco
4th august Jed
8th august the Starks family band
13th august Micky bubbles
15th august kuschty rye
20th august Stox
22nd august crooked style
27th august Matt brooks
29th august gumboots duo
September 2017
3rd September Starks & Starks
5th September toby Barelli aka king size slim
10th September tundra
12th September coco
17th September Melzebra jazz trio
19th September we ghosts
24th September funk deluxe
26th September Dave la
October 2017
1st October Beth George
3rd October big orange head
8th October Stox
10th October the Starks family band
15th October Volare trio
17th October frank Statesboro
22nd October Micky bubbles
24th October Steve boltz Bolton
29th October kuschty rye duo
31st October coco
November 2017
5th November project f
7th November Matt brooks
14th November Andy Mack
19th November the Starks brothers
21st November Gez gold
26th November tundra
28th November toby Barelli
December 2017
3rd December Dave la
5th December we ghosts
10th December Micky bubbles
12th December the Starks family band
17th December Stox
19th December kuschty rye duo
31st December the Starks family band

We also have live music on the last Friday of every month. Keep an eye on our social media channels for announcements of acts.